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Junction Street Family Practice and Cambewarra Mountain Health have been providing medical services to the Nowra region for over 40 years. From its beginnings as a solo general practice in the 1970s it has grown to offer a wide range of medical care.

New Patients at Junction Street

We have a number of doctors who are accepting new patients, our receptionists can help you with booking an appointment. There will usually be a wait of several days for an appointment if you are a new patient, although we will do our best to accommodate you if you need an appointment for an urgent matter.

(02) 4423 5644

New Patients at Cambewarra

Unfortunately, we're unable to accept new patients at this practice currently, we hope this will only be a short term issue. In the meantime, if you are a new patient, please contact our Junction Street Practice on (02) 44 235 644 to make an appointment with one of the doctors there who are still seeing new patients.

(02) 4413 1155


Please book online for your Covid-19 booster, or for your child over the age of 5.


Our Flu vaccine will be arriving in mid April. Please book online for your appointment.

Our Services

Family Medicine

Skin & Cancer Clinic


Women's Health

Preventative Medicine

Chronic Care Management

Accident & Emergency

Minor Surgery

Wound Management


Hostel & Nursing Home


On Site Allied Health

Travel Medicine

Hospital Inpatient Care

Indigenous Health




Want to find out more?

We have several brochures and posters available in the waiting room and at the front desk which will provide all the details you could ask for about our services. Also, you are always welcome to call our office and ask for information!

Our Facilities

  • 9 Consulting Rooms in our main building

  • 4 Consulting Rooms in our adjoining building

  • 4 Consulting Rooms at our Cambewarra Mountain Health Clinic

  • Nurses Consulting Rooms

  • Treatment room

  • Dermegine Skin Check Software

  • Cryotherapy

  • ECG Machine

  • Holter Monitor

  • 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

  • ABI Machine

  • Spirometer

  • Minor Surgical Equipment

  • Electronic results and correspondence for patient ease

Our core values.

Why Are We Here?

We want to improve people's lives.

How Do We Do It?

We focus on what matters most for each person.

What Do We Do?

We provide the best possible whole patient care, in a happy dynamic practice.

    We Pursue Excellence

    A good doctor should always repeatedly examine recent research in order to determine the best way forward.

    At our practice however we go beyond just looking at the results of research, we are actively involved in new research projects which will bring new and exciting evidence supporting the best possible delivery of health care to you.

    At Junction Street Medical Practice and Cambewarra Mountain Health you can feel confident that your general practice is on the cutting edge of new and exciting research aimed at bettering the health of all people.

    We offer flexibility

    Whilst we encourage patients to have a regular doctor who can provide comprehensive care with attention to planning for future health needs, we recognise that health needs are unpredictable and medical attention is often needed at short notice. All our doctors will work together to provide for your health needs if you do need to consult with someone other than your usual GP.

    Further, At Junction Street Family Practice we recognise and understand that sometimes the service you need does not always require a consultation and some doctors will be able to provide repeat prescriptions or referrals for their regular patients when appropriate. We also have the facility for you to book your appointment online at any time of the day. 

    Please note These online services are exclusively for use of the regular patients of this practice.

    We Foster Education

    Regular patients in our practice may have found they are asked to either see a medical student or have a medical student sitting in on their consultation.  This is because we are committed to the training of our future medical workforce.

    We bring students into our practice with a view to them joining the practice at completion of the training. This gives back to the medical community, invests in the future of our town, business, and wider community, and provides opportunity to young talent.

    It also ensures we always have fresh minds bringing new ideas and methodologies into our practice. If you are comfortable with it, please assist us by agreeing to see a student as part of your medical team.

    We strive for improvement

    Ongoing education is a priority at Junction Street Family Practice and we are actively learning and teaching all the time. This means that you are always getting the most up to date, quality general practice medical care.

    In this spirit we offer a level of care that is both greater than most clinics and is over a wider range of specialties. For example, our practice offers care across the whole range of ages with special interests in ante natal care, child and baby health, occupational and sports medicine, chronic and complex care and aged care medicine. We run a skin clinic utilising computerised dermatoscopic imaging with skin mapping and photo-documentation of skin lesions. We are able to perform minor surgical techniques on site. We can perform many specialised services here in the surgery such as cardiac monitoring, lung function tests, arterial pressure tests, and monitoring of glucose  and warfarin therapy using finger prick blood tests.